White Cloud, a HOD 35 equipped with Seatrack Grand Prix, racing in the Irish Sea to become winner of the Three Peaks Race

Seatrack Smart

Seatrack Smart has been developed for owners who do not require the comprehensive range of functions in Grand Prix but wish to take advantage of the competitive edge provided by Seatrack.

Seatrack Smart shares seven functions with Grand Prix. These include:

  • Chart Plotting with a tactical overlay
  • Start Line showing time and distance to the line with a countdown timer
  • Tactics screen showing tidally adjusted laylines, split times and distances, and target speeds and angles for the current leg. For the next leg the Tactics screen displays true and apparent wind data allowing for tidal flows.

These three key functions are illustrated at the images below.

The full range of functions is described at the Software Page. Note that performance maximization on Seatrack Smart is facilitated via its Polar Management and Target Speeds & Angles functions.

Because Seatrack Smart’s images are shown on an Android screen rather than on a laptop PC, in some cases they are in less detail than Grand Prix’s.

Sail Mode - Beating

Chart Plotting

with Tidally Adjusted Laylines

Start Line Screem

Start Line Screen

with Times, Distances & Time TO GO

Tactics Screen

Tactics Screen

Split Times & Distances, Targets & Next Leg

ALL FOR £75.00

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Email: sales@seatrack.co.uk