Grand Prix -

Performance & Tactical Data Analysis

Seatrack’s Performance and Tactical Data Analysis function provides detailed information for post-race analysis of tactical decisions made and the yacht’s actual performance against its theoretical performance derived from its polars.  This is invaluable information for owners/skippers, navigators/tacticians and trimmers/sailmakers.

There are three forms of display:

  • Single Boat Analysis – performance and tactical information at a particular point in time
  • Two Boat Analysis – comparison of performance and tactical decision-making vs. a competitor (for which the second boat’s logged data is required)
  • Race Cutter – performance analysis based on average data for a discrete section of the course

Single Boat Analysis screen showing Zarafa’ track along the South side of the Isle of Wight


Note the comprehensive performance numbers at the right of the screen.

These include:

  • Actual speed                   10.72 Kts
  • Target speed                    8.86 Kts
  • Percentage performance   121%


Two Boat Analysis screen showing Zarafa’s and a competitor’s tracks in the St. Malo Race

Conclusions may be drawn on the effectiveness of tactical decisions made and the yachts’ performance at any point in a race.

Race Cutter screen depicting the table of detailed performance data extracted from the selected section of the leg