Grand Prix - Tactics - This Leg

Grand Prix's This Leg Tactics function provides important tactical input for inshore and offshore racing such as split times and distances and target speeds and angles that is not available on a conventional chart plotter.



This Leg Tactics screen showing integrated tactical information for the current leg

At the screen above displaying tactical information for this leg, the graphics on the left depict the current laylines and the lifted laylines as well as which tack is lifted or headed compared to the mean true wind direction. The digital information on the right hand side of the screen includes:

  • Range from the boat to the mark
  • Bearing from the boat to the mark
  • ETA at the mark
  • Time to the mark
  • Offset to the mark
  • Course made good
  • Velocity made good
  • Split times and distances



Combined This Leg and Next Leg Tactics screen showing integrated tactical information 

for the current leg and the next leg


The combined screen above displays tactical information for this leg on the left and tactical information on the right for the next leg in the upper quadrant and tidal and target information in the lower quadrant.


There is a graphical representation of sail choice at a touch of the Sail Chart Guide button at the bottom of the upper quadrant on the right of the screen.

the right of the screen