Owners may choose to have Seatrack Grand Prix, Racer and Cruiser supplied in "Ready-to-Go" packages with all equipment pre-installed - they need just to be plugged in to the yacht's instruments to be fully operational.  Owners have the option of buying packages complete with a Seatrack-supplied netbook PC or providing their own PC for Seatrack to pre-install the software, chart and their yacht's polars (if available).

Besides the Seatrack software, the packages comprise a netbook computer (if required), a C-Map chart, a 12 volt charger for the netbook and a USB connector. New owners of Grand Prix and Racer packages are also entitled to a free web based tutorial to assist them in calibration and generally to get the best out of their systems.

The polars and sail wardrobe will be pre-installed for Grand Prix and Racer systems where relevant information on the yacht’s characteristics is available.

The chart provided as a standard component of the packages is the new C-Map Wide chart of the British Isles and adjacent waters with approximate coverage from the Shetland Isles in the North, to the Scheldt Estuary on the Dutch coast in the East, to the North Brittany coast in the South, and to the Atlantic coast of Ireland in the West. C-Map charts covering different areas of the world and alternatives to C-Map charts can be provided on request.

New owners of Grand Prix and Racer packages are offered a free web-based tutorial to assist them with calibration with their yacht's instruments and generally to get the best out of their systems.

Prices and delivery costs for packages that include a Seatrack-supplied netbook PC are as at the table below.  Where owners provide their own PC a deduction will be made from the package price that is equivalent to the current cost of a netbook PC.

Grand Prix