picJaywaker, a Ker 11.3 equipped with Seatrack Grand Prix, competing in Hong Kong waters


We attach great importance to assisting owners to get the best out of their Seatrack systems and are devoting increasing time and resources to providing coaching and problem-solving by way of one-to-one training sessions and live web based tutorials.


One-to-One Training Afloat and Ashore

Seatrack offers bespoke one-to-one training conducted aboard a Seatrack-equipped yacht or ashore.  Mainly, they have as their objective ensuring that Seatrack users get the best out of their systems but could also be aimed at problem resolution.


A fee based on 'time spent' and travel costs is charged for one-to-one training sessions.


Web Based Tutorials

Our live web based tutorials are designed to ensure that new owners are able to fast track the set-up of their own customised systems and, second, to assist all Seatrack users to get the best out of their tactical and navigational software.


All Grand Prix systems purchased entitle their owners to a one-hour tutorial free of charge.   A fee of £60 per hour is charged on other tutorials.


We provide a web based support service.  Please click on the link below to connect to the Seatrack Support Service. Call us if you have any queries or would like to initiate a support session 01590 678043

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