Hawkeye, a Swan 45 equipped with Seatrack Grand Prix, racing in the Swan Europeans

New Versions and Service Patches - for Grand Prix

Seatrack continues to be developed in terms of functionality, versatility and ease of use.

New Versions for Grand Prix

New Versions (currently available only for Grand Prix) comprise the introduction of original new functions and enhancements to existing functions that are continuously being devised and released to Seatrack owners. Typically, they are issued annually. There are two ways in which Grand Prix owners may subscribe for New Versions:

  • By subscribing for a period of five years (with the option to cancel the subscription at any time) at a fixed 15% of the retail price as at the date of the initial subscription (e.g. £90 on the current price of £600)
  • By purchasing an individual New Version when it is issued at 20% of the current retail price of the relevant New Version)

Service Patches

Service Patches are technical improvements to the performance of existing functions that arise in the light of experience in use or through the ongoing product development process. They are distributed free of charge as and when required to:

  • Grand Prix owners participating in the five-year subscription plan for New Versions described above
  • Grand Prix owners until the next New Version is released
  • Grand Prix owners who have purchased a New Version on a one-off basis until the next New Version is released